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Debut Single, 'Shoulder'

Luce's song 'Shoulder' was released on all streaming platforms on 8th Jan 2021

Watch the lyric video here ->


Listen now. Written by Lucy Barka & David Boyden

Live Gig from Home

On Saturday the 30th of January, Luce performed a mix of acoustic covers and originals for Facebook fans from her bedroom.

Watch the whole video here on her Facebook (@lucebarks)

Among the live set was 'Password Change' by Olivia Dean, Taylor Swift's 'Right Where You Left Me' and the show was opened with Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way'.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Luce took part in radio DJ, Matt Plumb's 'Do You Remember the First Time' where she shares an inspiring track that cemented her passion for songwriting.

On the thirteenth of January, Luce was interviewed by Thordis Fridriksson about 'Shoulder' for the evening show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. 


Initially I thought Shoulder would be more downbeat due to the opening words, but it’s more uplifting than that. The chorus lyric is lovely; ‘When you’re rolling up that boulder, and the mountains growing colder, I will be there, I’m your shoulder, to lean on.’ And can we talk about those harmonies? It’s done in such a way that it’s difficult to pick each one out entirely - the blend is simply that good....

Read the whole review and interview here.


I'm a 22 year old woman from a little village in Cambridgeshire.  People say I'm funny, and that I have a really lovely singing voice, and I'm also known for my modesty. (ha.)

I'm a singer, songwriter, writer, poet, and other things. I'm also a human who likes food and films and music and learning about how our brains and bodies work.
I have a deeply rooted fear that people are going to think I'm showing off, bragging, too loud, arrogant for thinking anyone would want to listen to what I have to say. Fortunately, that fear does not sit in the driver's seat all the time. 

More about me...


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