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I kept the pebble, he doesn't have a name - a poem

I tried okay? I tried to be authentic I tried to do some meditating bunched up the towel on the stones and sat facing the sea out of many I chose you and you chose me.

I tried okay? I tried to rhyme I tried for this to be a poem writing with and within margins but all I want to say is that I found a pebble on a beach and I liked it so I kept it.

I don’t know why but I attached a (metaphorical) string to you and said okay you have part of me with you now Mr Rock held you in my hand and placed you on my knee with a half shell.

I didn’t keep the shell but I kept you. I took a photo of the two of you on my knee in fact I took many we did a little shoot didn’t we and here we are today mate here we are we’ve come so far how do you feel do you miss your friends or do you like it here?

I’m sorry I took you away but I was lonely

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